An illustration, photography, and a designed booklet.

Graphic Design & Web Development

I design graphics. I like to do it, mostly. I try to be efficient. Working with brands I recognize for current events is exciting. That’s actually about as much excitement as I can stand. I don’t know where I stand politically – don’t count on me. I like coffee and try to eat healthy.

I’m a sucker for “news” I heard on the Internet…

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
– Leonardo da Vinci

Skills View Résumé

  1. 3-Dimensional CGI, Animation
  2. Adobe Creative Suite
  3. Audio/Video Tools
  4. Photography
  5. Typography
  6. Web Development

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Clients View Portfolio

  1. Carpet Corporation of America
  2. Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
  3. Gianna Messina
  4. Henderson & Sons Funeral Home
  5. Hooters USAR ProCup
  6. MoZeus Worldwide
  7. Petland of Rome
  8. Pridemore Orthodontics
  9. SolDesign Co.
  10. TetraSoft Computers, Inc.
  11. Thomas Dahlberg

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