Just a guy doing a thing in a place…

I build brands’ data form survey designs as webpages which are viewed on various devices. The information is validated and used in different ways. There is much testing and teamwork. The brands are often promoted on social media through incentives. I am always learning, except when I’m not, in which case I am probably ruminating or presuming.

If you came up with it yourself, you know it’s worth quoting.
– Kurt Thomas Pachinger

Skills View Résumé

  1. 3-Dimensional CGI, Animation
  2. Adobe Creative Suite
  3. Audio/Video Tools
  4. Photography
  5. Typography
  6. Web Development
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JavaScript, jQuery
    • Mobile Web
    • Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • WordPress, Ektron

Clients View Portfolio

  1. Carpet Corporation of America
  2. Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
  3. Gianna Messina
  4. Henderson & Sons Funeral Home
  5. Hooters USAR ProCup
  6. MoZeus Worldwide
  7. Petland of Rome
  8. Pridemore Orthodontics
  9. SolDesign Co.
  10. TetraSoft Computers, Inc.
  11. Thomas Dahlberg